The war against waste seems to be never ending. This is especially true when it comes to your liquid waste that can accrue around your home or business. It can pile up, but it’s disposal and removal can be a real chore. It’s not like disposing of regular waste and, in many cases, there are laws and processes you need to follow to ensure everything is dealt with correctly. This can not only be time consuming and difficult, but it can also be hard to know the exact procedures you need to follow. We can help you with the correct removal and disposal of all your liquid waste.


We are here to make removal and disposal of your liquid waste easy. That’s our aim every day. We know that liquid waste can really begin to build up, and that knowing how to effectively and correctly remove it and dispose of it can be a challenge. There are a lot of laws and procedures regarding many forms of liquid waste. Even if you do know how, it’s simply a chore. A real unpleasant chore in many cases. Often, if you are running a business, you don’t have time for it. We have the time, and the know-how, you don’t and can help you out.

Our Services

We provide a truly comprehensive range of services when it comes to liquid waste removal and other related things. We provide both liquid waste cartage and vacuum loading for all liquid types, so we can effectively and quickly remove a range of different liquid waste for you. We also offer a range of septic tank services, can help you service your grease traps and even provide site toilet hire. All of this means we provide the liquid waste and drainage solutions you need at your home or business. Whatever form of liquid waste you find accruing, we can get it removed and disposed of for you. 

Septic Tank Servicing

Your septic tank is something you usually take for granted, we know. But we are here to tell it does require thought and regular maintenance to help you avoid a range of real issues in your home. A little thought and time now can go a long way. Septic tank pump outs every few years can be one great preventative measure, along with cleaning too. Along with this, we also provide tank installation if you find yourself in need of a new one.

Grease Trap Servicing

If you run any form of restaurant or kitchen, you know how dirty you grease traps can get. FOG, fat, oil and grease, can really build up in your traps. They can become less effective and allow a range of waste get into your drains and cause backups and other problems. Fear not though, we provide the waste fat solution you need. Getting your traps cleaned and grease regularly removed by us is the best way to avoid all of these problems from occurring. 

Site Toilet Hire

Whatever outdoor event you might be planning, whether it’s an outdoor party or corporate event, having sufficient toilets should be at the top of your list. Things could get very uncomfortable if you don’t. We can help meet your needs with our site toilet hire. Whatever you are planning to host, ensure those attending are comfortable and content. This way you can ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Used cooking oil can be quite difficult to dispose of and remove. Many people simply pour it down the drain, but this is a solution that will simply cause more problems, such as causing issues in your drains. Getting it professionally removed not only helps you avoid any issues, but also makes the whole process easy. Our cooking oil collection is the best and most effective way to get rid of this form of liquid waste.

Oil Collection

Oil can be one of the most difficult forms of liquid waste to deal with. It can be very damaging to your home or workspace, and even more damaging to the environment too, if not handled correctly. Although many people aren’t aware, oil can be reused and recycled. This means using our collection services not only ensures you get this waste removed but you also know it won’t negatively impact the environment. In fact, it might to do some good.

Waste Liquid Collection

Liquid waste comes in all forms, and this can make it difficult to know the best way to approach the particular removal task you are facing. Some forms of liquid waste are simply difficult and inconvenient to remove, others are downright dangerous and should be handled by a professional, this can include things like drains overflowing. Whatever the liquid waste you find you need removed from your property, we have expertise and knowledge to remove in a safe, law abiding and effective way. 


“I always get Liquid Waste Solutions to clean out the grease traps at my restaurant. They are always on time, do great work and don’t cause a fuss. They are aware that them being there could be interruptive and always make every effort not to cause any inconvenience.” Mario. S


“We had Liquid Waste Solutions pump out and service our septic tank. They clearly explained the whole process, did amazing work and even shared with a us a few tips about how to keep everything in order. They were great to deal with.” Stacy. T


 “We got Liquid Waste Solutions to remove the oil from my shop. Would defiantly use them again next time, they were great. On time and got to work straight away. No mucking around or time wasted.” Julian. F

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Liquid waste, no matter the form, can be more difficult to deal with then regular waste. In many cases, you might require a professional. You contact us now and be sure that any liquid waste you have will be effectively removed and disposed of. You can reach us by any of the information on our website.