Oil is one of the most notorious forms of liquid waste. It can be a real hassle for your home or business, as it can easily stain things and is difficult to remove and dispose of. Beyond this, the environmental impact it can have can be massive if it isn’t disposed of safely and correctly. All of these concerns though, no longer need to take up any of your time. We provide oil collection as part of our range of services. You can get your oil collected by our professionally trained team and be sure the jobs being done in the best and safest way possible.


Liquid Waste Removal Perth

As part of our extensive range of liquid waste removal and solutions, we also can help to effectively remove and handle used oil. This can be useful in a number of situations, either in your home or in a commercial or industrial setting. You might change your own car oil at home, or perhaps you run a mechanic. Whatever the setting, we are fully equipped and trained to handle the safe and effective removal of oil and ensure it doesn’t cause a range of problems wherever you are.

hazardous waste disposal perth

Difficult Waste

Anyone who has dealt with oil before knows what a difficult form of waste it can be to deal with. It can stain a range of surfaces if allowed to, making it difficult to dispose of. It cannot, under any circumstance be allowed down your drains either. Removing it carefully is imperative. This can sometimes be difficult to do alone, as accidents and mistakes can happen. Not with us though. We at Septic Tank Armadale are properly and professionally trained to remove your used oil, ensuring that no accidents or nasty surprises occur. There’s no need to worry with us.

Reuse and Recycle

Although many people are unaware, oil can be reused and recycled in a number of different ways. People often don’t think this because of how dirty oil can look, especially when it’s removed from your car. However, it’s simply dirty not unusable. The oil actually doesn’t wear out and still has a range of potential applications and can be recycled. It can be re-refined and used again, turned into fuel and even used as raw materials in a number of cases. We aim to recycle the oil we collect where possible. This means you can be sure you are doing your bit for the environment.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Perth

If not disposed of correctly or effectively, oil can cause major environmental damage. It can pollute the soil and especially water, and it only takes a small amount of oil in any water supply for there to be a major issue. This is because it can contain a range of toxins and heavy metals. Do make sure you aren’t doing any undue damage of harm, it’s best to ensure your oil is being handle by a trained professional and disposed of in the best, and safest, way possible. Given our expertise and experience, you can be sure we can handle that.

Although many people aren’t aware, oil can be reused and recycled. This means using our liquid waste removal Perth services not only ensures you get this waste removed but you also know it won’t negatively impact the environment. In fact, it might to do some good. Contact us now!