How to correctly remove and dispose of used cooking oil is often one the challenges facing your business, especially if you own a restaurant. It can really pile up but disposing of it isn’t so easy. Simply pouring it down the drains causes you more trouble and isn’t really a good option for a host of reasons. So how can you get rid of this liquid waste? Septic Tank Armadale can help you out there, too. We provide vacuum loading of all types of liquid, including used cooking oil. This means we can effectively and efficiently collect your used cooking oil. Beyond that, we know the best way to dispose of it to ensure it doesn’t go to waste.


Used Cooking Oil Collection

Combating waste just never seems to end. If you own any type of restaurant then you know that used cooking oil can really begin to pile up. It’s so easy to gather but so hard to dispose of. Many people simply dispose of it down the drain, but this creates a whole host of issues that can be expensive and time consuming for your business to deal with. We offer an effective alternative, with our used cooking oil collection service. We can ensure this form of liquid waste never causes problems at your business again by effectively removing it and disposing of it for you.

used cooking oil collection

Easy and Efficient Cooking Oil Collection

When you want liquid waste removed, you don’t want it to be a hassle. It’s already a hassle when you do it yourself, if you are getting professionals to do it, it should be easy and stress free. Our used cooking oil service is just that. We know you don’t have time to be wasted and being inconvenienced for any longer than necessary isn’t good for business. That’s why we always strive to make any used cooking oil collection painless and easy.


Although it might not seem like it, your used cooking oil can be recycled. This means you can not only get it disposed of, and keep your business clean and waste free, but also ensure it’s going toward something useful. It can then be used for a range of purposes, like being made into fuels, and isn’t simply just being wasted. This can have a whole range of positive repercussions on the environment and beyond. We always aim to recycle the cooking oil we collect where possible to do our bit to be greener.

Environmentally Friendly

Correctly disposing of your used cooking oil with us means that you can be sure you are doing your bit to make Armadale greener and cleaner. Recycling of the oil aside, getting it correctly and professional disposed of with us ensures that it doesn’t end up down your drains, where it can cause all sorts of problems. It can also be turned into a range of environmentally friendly fuels, helping to minimize pollution in some cases. Do you bit and ensure that your cooking oil is disposed of correctly, it can have a range of great benefits.

Getting used cooking oil professionally removed not only helps you avoid any issues, but also makes the whole process easy. Our cooking oil collection is the best and most effective way to get rid of this form of liquid waste. Contact us now!